Eid Norouz

I woke up this morning just like any other day, complained to Andrew that┬áthere was too much light creeping through the sheer curtains, complained that I didn’t want to get out of our oh-too-comfortable bed, complained that it was too cold outside for spring. I wanted to eat eggs and watch Desperate Housewives like our Monday snow day, maybe stay in bed and wear pajama pants while reading about the hippocampus and writing an outline for work. Yes, I thought this was going to be like just another day.

I did not pick up on the little things though. Like how I forgot to lay out my clothes the night before, but I picked them out effortlessly in the morning. Like how I didn’t have leftovers to bring for lunch, but I had time to put together the classic PB&J, Persian yogurt, carrots, a banana, and an orange.┬áMy tumbler – already clean, a rarity for my kitchen – got to sample the likes of a new chai I purchased on Saturday. No pimples today. My hair required little effort. It felt routine.

I shoved toast in my mouth and rushed out the door. Hitting traffic early on the toll road, I decided to escape to the back roads. At a three-way stop sign, I had wondered why no car was moving. I set out to turn right. Then stopped. In front of me was a turkey strolling along the street. You know how they say, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”…well, maybe it was never a chicken after all. This was definitely a turkey, and I still don’t have the answer for you.

This turkey encounter threw my morning off. I got caught behind a bus stopping every other street, something I had never experienced the dozens of times I have taken this route at the same time of rush hour. At each waiting moment, I was telling myself, “I did not actually see a turkey. That is odd. This is weird.” Eventually I made it to work fully convinced I did not know what turkeys actually looked like anymore. I Googled turkeys on my phone – and alas, there was the culprit. Google also reminded me: it was the first day of spring, and so, the Persian New Year! My winter coat was convincing me otherwise.

Work felt different today. I heard more laughs and saw more smiles. People exchanged pleasantries, and the day passed smoothly. The bagels my coworker brought in helped too (those asiago bagels with salmon schmear…mhmm). I left a few minutes before 5pm with an air of accomplishment. What I thought would be just another ordinary day was quite different. It was the first day of Spring. It was Norouz. The suffocating weight of life stresses had been lifted.

Norouz dinner was spent with family. Lots of snacking from the extravagant haft seen and making fun of the absence of goldfish (nobody could successfully keep the fish alive in the last few years, so my parents decided against them this time around). The food was great, money was given, and we were all merry. Tea and pastries helped calm our stomachs after the meal, and I thought – yes, this was quite the day. Norouz is time to shed the past, welcome the new, and reinvigorate life to the fullest. It’s about love and happiness in all aspects of living.

Cleansed. Renewed. Healed. Makes me ready to wake up for just another day.